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Cryogenic oxygen plant cost liquid oxygen plant

Short Description:

Air Separation Unit refers to equipment which obtain oxygen, nitrogen and argon from liquid air at low temperature by difference of each component boiling point.

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Product Advantages

  • 1:The design principle of this plant is to ensure safety, energy saving and easy operation and         maintenance. The technology is leading position in the world.
    • A:Buyer needs lots of liquid production, so we supply middle pressure air recycle process to save the investment and power consumption.


  • B:We adopts recycle air compressor and high, low tempt. expansion process to save power consumption.


  • 2:It adopts DCS computer control technology to control main panel, local panel at the same time. This system can monitor the entire process of the plant.

Application Fields

Oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other rare gas produced by air separation unit are widely used in steel, chemical

industry,refinery,glass, rubber, electronics, healthcare, food, metals, power generation and other industries.

Product Specification

Air separation plant is based on the different boiling points of each components in the air. The air firstly is pressed, precooled, and got removal of H2O and CO2. After cooling in the medium pressure heat exchanger until reaching to the liquefaction temperature, it rectifies in the column to get liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen.

This plant is molecular sieve purifying air with turbo expander process.

After being removed dust and mechanical impurity in the air filter, raw air goes to the air turbine compressor to press the air to 1.1MpaA, and cooled until 10℃ in the air precooling unit. Then it enters into alternate working molecular sieve absorber to remove the H2O,CO2,C2H2.  The clean air is pressed by the expander and goes into the cold box. The presses air can be separated to 2 sections. After being cooled to 256K, one section is draw out to freezing unit 243K, then it is continuously cooled in the main heat exchanger. The cooled air will be draw out to the expander, and a part of expanded air goes into the main heat exchanger to reheat, then it gets out of the cold box. And the other parts go to the upper column. The other section is cooled by counter flow, and goes to the low column after being expanded.

After air being primarily rectified, we can get liquid air, waste liquid nitrogen and pure liquid nitrogen in the low column. Liquid air, waste liquid nitrogen and pure liquid nitrogen sucked from the low column go to upper column after being cooled liquid and pure liquid nitrogen cooler. After being rectified in the upper column, we can get 99.6% purity liquid oxygen in bottom of the upper column, it goes out as product. A part of nitrogen sucked from the top of the assist column goes out of the cold box as product.

Waste nitrogen sucked from the top of the upper column goes out of the cold box after being reheated by the cooler and main heat exchanger. Sucked part of it, it goes to molecular sieve purification system as the regenerative air source. Others are vented.

Process flow

1.Full low pressure positive flow expansion process

2.Full low pressure backflow expansion process

3.Full low pressure process with booster turboexpander

Construction in Progress




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